Will beer make you fat? Precautions for drinking beer

beer does not contain many nutrients. It does not contain vitamins, but only a little protein and sugar. We often say how many degrees of beer, refers to its sugar content. In addition, beer also contains 4% & mdash; 5% alcohol, but much lower than the proportion of alcohol in spirits, so the total calories are low.

will beer make you fat? Precautions for drinking beer

will drinking beer make you fat?

some people think that the bitter taste of hops can promote the secretion of digestive juice and help the human body digest and absorb food. As a result, people have a big appetite, increase their calories and get fat. Others believe that a bottle of beer contains about 1.3 mg of niacin (a component of vitamins), which can promote the combustion of other nutrients, release energy and make people fat. The above two statements are very reasonable, but beer itself has limited calories after all. Drinking three or two cups won’t make you fat. However, often indulge in drinking, that is another matter. If you think about it, when seven or eight liters of beer enter the stomach, the gastrointestinal load is too large. A little alcohol makes a lot of gastrointestinal blood vessels constrict and the intestines & ldquo; Can’t walk & rdquo; Yes. The gastrointestinal tract is like a capsule, which expands and expands. Finally, it is like a big ball in the stomach. All day & ldquo; Bubble & rdquo; In beer, the retraction function of gastrointestinal tract will be greatly weakened, and finally it can not become & ldquo; Beer belly & rdquo; Are you?

moreover, the heat energy provided by so many beers is also great, and the heating energy per 100g of beer is 40 & mdash; 50 kcal, 8-liter beer can heat 1600 kcal, which is basically equivalent to the heat required by a person with a height of 160 cm all day. After drinking so much beer, you can’t eat nothing else all day. After eating it, it means too much calories, and obesity naturally appears in you. If you want to drink beer and don’t want to get fat, you can only control it when you drink beer; Binge drinking & rdquo; Beer contains only 1.5% of vitamins and minerals, which is not harmful to people’s health. Drinking a small amount of beer can only provide 1.5% of vitamins and amino acids, but will not cause obesity. Each bottle of beer can produce about 500 calories, which is called & ldquo; Liquid bread & rdquo;.

drinking beer often will make people fat and produce beer belly. In fact, it makes no sense to associate drinking beer with getting fat. Beer can produce high calorific value, which mainly comes from alcohol and other extracts. Due to different types of beer, there are differences in the amount of heat. The extract components are converted into 90 kcal of heat, which can provide about 1 / 5 of the heat for normal people every day. Beer does not contain high fat that makes people fat, so drinking beer itself will not make people fat.

precautions for drinking beer

should not quench your thirst with beer

many people quench their thirst with beer, but in fact, drinking beer will make you more thirsty. After beer alcohol enters the body, it will stimulate the secretion of adrenal hormones, accelerate the operation of various functions of the body, increase water evaporation and cause dry mouth.

is not suitable for barbecue food

many people like to eat barbecue while drinking beer on summer nights. In fact, such a diet may induce pain and even cancer.

wine temperature should not be too low

many people like to drink iced beer, but beer with too low temperature not only tastes bad, but also may induce a variety of diseases. Experts remind that the temperature of beer in the refrigerator should be controlled between 5 ℃ and 10 ℃.

do not drink too much

beer. Although the alcohol content is not high, excessive drinking of beer will also damage the body. Health experts warn that excessive drinking of beer will increase the burden on the liver and heart and cause damage to these important organs.

fat people should not drink draft beer

because the yeast contained in draft beer can still survive after entering the human body, it can promote the secretion of gastric juice in the human body and enhance people’s appetite. Therefore, drinking draft beer is easy to make people fat, and fat people will drink it more and more. Therefore, fat people and people who lose weight are more suitable for drinking cooked beer.

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