Will fruit juice lose nutrients?

Will fruit juice lose nutrients?

will nutrients be lost when fruit is beaten into juice?

many people think that drinking fruit juice is equal to eating fruit, and they are used to replacing fresh fruit with fruit juice. However, nutritionists say that drinking fruit juice can not fully absorb the nutrients and dietary fiber of natural fruit. If fruit is replaced with fruit juice every day, it will not only increase blood sugar, but also cause weight gain due to excessive intake of calories.

fresh fruit juice vitamin C, dietary fiber fear run out of light

many fruits are rich in water-soluble vitamin C, but vitamin C is easy to lose, whether it is heated or exposed to the air for a long time, it will be damaged, especially the juice molecules become smaller, the contact area with the air is large, if the squeezed fresh juice is not drunk immediately, The longer the contact time with air, the easier it is to be oxidized, and the more nutrients are lost.

nutritionist experts pointed out that the nutritional value of filtered juice is greatly reduced, because most of the dietary fiber is in the filtered juice, and the rest is only sugar. If you drink a cup of filtered juice every day, you will only get calories. Taking a cup of 500C. C. orange juice as an example, it takes about 5-6 oranges to extract 500C. C. orange juice, which is equivalent to 5-6 parts of fruit. If the calorie of each orange is 45 calories, drinking a cup of 500C. C. orange juice will absorb 270 calories more, which is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice.

fruit juice on the market be careful of additives. Long term drinking may increase the burden. In addition, there are many kinds of fruit juice on the market, which can be roughly divided into 100% fruit juice, concentrated reduced juice, fruit juice drinks, etc. During the processing of these fruit juices, additives such as acid, sweetener and colorant are often added to make the fruit juices taste better and the color more bright and beautiful. Therefore, consumers may only drink additives and sugar. In the long run, they may only increase the burden and weight of the body.

daily fruits and vegetables rainbow 579 balanced diet is healthy

analysis found that the nutritional value of eating fresh fruit is much higher than fruit juice, so it is recommended that the public still eat fresh fruit, in order to get complete nutrients. It is suggested that girls in general need to eat 4 vegetables and 3 fruits a day; Boys need to eat 5 vegetables and 4 fruits.

fruits and vegetables together with more dietary fiber

although drinking fruit juice is not equal to eating fruit, but if occasionally want to change the taste, want to drink some water juice, nutritionists experts suggest that when playing fruit juice, pay special attention to the amount of fruit; Apple peel and grape seed contain more antioxidant polyphenols. After washing, they can be beaten together to increase antioxidant nutrients.

in addition, you can also add celery, tomatoes and other high fiber vegetables in the fruit juice. It’s better not to filter residue after making the juice, so that you can get the dietary fiber in the fruit. Special attention should be paid to drink the juice as soon as possible to avoid the loss of nutrients.

if a diabetic wants to drink juice, it is best not to filter residue, keep the fruit’s dietary fiber, and pay attention to the daily intake of fruits, avoid excessive intake of sugar, resulting in high blood sugar, but it is better to eat fresh fruits directly.

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