Will seafood make you fat? The best way to eat seafood

nowadays, seafood has become a favorite food, especially in the harbor city. But for people who lose weight, any fattening food should be avoided. Then, let’s see if eating seafood will get fat?

does seafood make you fat? The best way to eat seafood

will eating seafood make you fat? Before

, people with high cholesterol were told to avoid seafood. In fact, the cholesterol in food only accounts for about 25% of the total cholesterol in the body, and the rest is made by the liver itself. The results also confirm that the saturated fat and trans fat in the food we eat every day are the culprit in raising cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, we suggest that people with high cholesterol pay more attention to the intake of saturated fat and trans fat.

as long as the daily intake of cholesterol is limited to 300 mg, we are still free to choose the seafood we eat.

eating seafood will not make you fat. Of course, this also depends on the fact that the intake of fat does not exceed the standard. Therefore, if you want to control your diet and achieve the effect of weight loss, you should understand your daily intake of nutrients and fat.

the best way to eat seafood

high temperature heating

bacteria are afraid of heating, so it is generally safe to cook seafood by boiling and frying for a few minutes. Crabs and shellfish with hard shells must be heated thoroughly. Generally, they need to be boiled and steamed for 30 minutes (the heating temperature is at least 100 ℃).

is eaten together with vinegar and garlic. After eating, drinking ginger tea

raw garlic and vinegar itself has a good bactericidal effect, and also plays a certain role in killing some residual harmful bacteria in seafood. Seafood tastes cold and ginger tea is hot. After eating seafood, it can neutralize the cold, improve intestinal immunity and effectively prevent discomfort after eating!

suggestion: drink a cup of ginger tea within 10 minutes of eating seafood.


after making fish into Crispy Fish, fish bones and bones become soft and delicious. Eating them together with bone and meat not only tastes delicious, but also provides a variety of essential amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and minerals, especially the calcium in fish bones, which can not be matched by other foods.

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