Will taste make people have a better appetite?

Will taste make people have a better appetite?

is the taste better?

a new study shows that fragrance gives food & lt; Delicious & quot; At the same time, it also tells us this kind of feeling; Good stuff & quot; The content of protein was higher than that of the control group.

the delicacy we taste is perceived by our fifth sense, that is, taste. Other flavors we taste are sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Glutamate (which releases a flavor similar to Bacon) is a protein found in meat. Glutamate is also found in some appetizers, such as marmalade, parmesan cheese and dried mushrooms.

previous studies have shown that foods with high protein content can meet our dietary needs compared to foods with high carbohydrate and fat content. Therefore, if the protein in food tastes delicious and can meet people’s needs, then in this study, we can’t help but ask the question of food itself; Delicious & quot; Does it affect how much people eat later?

an article is studying the effects of two common food additives on people’s eating. As we all know, monosodium glutamate and creatinine are the main sources of & lt; Delicious & quot; In this study, the two additives were added to low-energy Wuxiang radish soup and high-energy Wuxiang radish soup (a mixture of protein and carbohydrate). Experts tested the hunger level of 26 healthy volunteers and how much they would eat in the later meal.

compared with the radish soup without added flavor, the volunteers ate less radish soup with added flavor. But the taste didn’t affect the volunteers’ feeling of hunger, so the volunteers ate less but didn’t feel hungry, because if the soup tasted very delicious, they would eat less.

the effect of taste in high calorie soup is very obvious. The study shows that, at least in some cases, umami can reduce people’s appetite, so high-strength fresh food can help people who want to lose weight to control their diet. Experts say: & lt; It is not clear why umami has this effect. We will answer this question through more in-depth research& rdquo;

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