Will the skin turn black if you eat more soy sauce?

Chinese people pay attention to shape filling, so many female friends dare not eat soy sauce at ordinary times. They think that the soy sauce inside is black, and they are afraid that they will turn black if they eat too much. Even some pregnant women are afraid to eat soy sauce, afraid of the baby’s skin darkening caused by eating soy sauce. Is this theory reasonable? Is it true that eating more soy sauce can make your skin black? Let’s analyze it.

first of all, the problem of pregnant women eating soy sauce. Whether the baby is black or white comes from heredity. It has nothing to do with eating soy sauce during pregnancy. Moreover, soy sauce also contains some amino acids and other ingredients. It’s good for people’s health after eating it. You don’t have to worry about it!

and there is no medical or chemical evidence to prove that eating too much soy sauce can cause skin darkening. It is understood that soy sauce on the market in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, are fermented with soybeans, wheat and other raw materials. Like other foods, it will be converted into amino acids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, water and other substances that can be absorbed by the human body after eating. It does not have the function of increasing light sensitivity, nor does it synthesize hormones. However, the pigment in soy sauce will not be directly transferred to the skin, and has no effect on the synthesis of melanocytes. On the contrary, the abandonment of soy sauce in cooking often makes many delicious dishes tasteless.

eating soy sauce after injury will not affect skin color, but there is a wound on the body is another matter. Soy sauce and other pigmented food will affect the color of the wound, because the scar size and physical differences vary from person to person. But if there is trauma in the body, it is best to temporarily “alienate” soy sauce, otherwise it is easy to make the scar color darker.

you should know now that eating soy sauce will darken the skin. This is a problem. If you feel that you are dark, you can pay attention to sunscreen in your daily life, especially when you go out in the summer. You must apply sunscreen before going out. Only by doing a good job of sun protection and using whitening mask can you make your skin white.

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