Will the vitamin be lost after the fruit is cooked?

Do you lose vitamins when you eat cooked fruits?

do you lose vitamins when you eat cooked fruits? 6667

fruits are nutritious, but many people can’t eat them raw because of gastrointestinal or dental problems. So they worry about the nutrition of the cooked fruit?

this nutrition that people are worried about is mainly vitamin C. But in fact, eating ripe fruits does not affect the absorption of nutrients, because the nutrients in fruits, especially vitamin C, are not much. Take apples as an example. Even if you eat them raw and eat one apple a day, you can’t even get 10% of the vitamin C you need for a day. Other nutrients in apples, such as potassium, magnesium, pectin and cellulose, are not afraid of heat. Some polyphenols that are good for your body will only cause partial loss.

therefore, in this sense, fruits can be eaten cooked, because even if they are eaten raw, they are not the main source of vitamin C. Besides apples, pears and peaches that are easy to cook are also the same. Their vitamin C content is not very high, so it’s OK to cook them.

according to the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, the daily intake of vitamin C per person is 100 mg, which is lower than the international standard. In the current environment, some countries have raised the standard to 200 mg – 300 mg. In general, as long as the daily intake of vitamin C does not exceed 1000 mg, it is harmless to the body.

and we think that the apple is very nutritious, 100 grams contains only 12 mg of vitamin C. According to the dietary guidelines, if you take 200 grams of apples a day, the vitamin C you get from apples is only 24 mg. Even if you eat them raw, it is far from meeting the requirement of vitamin C. If you have a bad spleen and stomach, the cooked apples will not aggravate the stomachache, so you can eat them cooked.

but one problem is that cooked apples are easier to absorb, and the sugar in them can cause blood sugar fluctuations. Unlike steamed rice, Apple’s cell walls are intact, which, to a certain extent, lags behind the absorption of sugar, which has less effect on blood sugar than cooked food. This is like a diabetic patient trying to eat less porridge, and the difference between raw and ripe apples is like the difference between rice and porridge. Cooked apples and porridge can lead to higher blood sugar.

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