Will yams make hands itch?

many people like yams very much. But recently, many people have itching hands after washing yams. Many of us don’t know what to do. This may be an allergic reaction, Need to apply some anti allergic ointment or take some drugs that can treat allergies can help us achieve a good cure effect, many people are very interested in this, let’s learn about yam will itch it.

this is a kind of contact dermatitis in medicine. Because not all people have this symptom when they are exposed to yam, it may also be an allergic reaction. At present, it is believed that the cause of this contact dermatitis is the saponin contained in the Chinese yam skin or the botany contained in the mucus. Skin contact with these two components will cause pruritus.

in fact, it’s better to wear gloves or put a fresh-keeping bag on your hand after washing the yam skin, and then peel it. Or prepare a pot of boiling water, wash yam, directly into the water to boil. In this way, the yam skin is basically ripe, the original allergens are destroyed, and then contact will not be allergic. Moreover, after the Chinese yam is taken out of the pot, as long as you use a kitchen knife to gently scratch from top to bottom, you can easily remove the skin. But pay attention to the cooking time is not too long, and the best whole cooking, do not cut.

if no measures have been taken before, you can try the following methods: first, wash your hands first, then apply vinegar on your hands, and don’t even fall down the nail seams. After a while, the itching will gradually disappear, which is due to the acid and alkali. 2、 You can also bake it on the fire, turn the palm repeatedly, and let the hand be heated, so that it can decompose the saponin that seeps into the hand. But pay attention to safety, do not burn the skin. 3、 Rubbing your hands repeatedly in rice can also relieve itching.

in addition, people who have had itchy hands due to contact with yam should avoid direct contact with yam; If the skin is dry and chapped or damaged, it is more likely to have a tingling reaction. Do you also want to avoid touching

yam, which can make your hands itch? The specific symptoms of the disease in each of us are different. We all need to know in detail whether this situation will happen to ourselves, and we can take good care of it, It can effectively reduce the probability of this happening to us, and the effect is good.

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