Will you sit down after dinner?

we usually sit and chat with friends after a meal, but many people worry that sitting and chatting in this way will make the fat accumulated in the body and lead to obesity. So many people for the sake of beauty, for the sake of slim figure, will always have some exercise such as walking after meals, in order to consume the fat they eat. So, is that the truth? How about sitting after dinner?

it is most scientific to sit and rest for half an hour after eating. The so-called “walking a hundred steps after a meal, living to ninety-nine” also requires sitting down for half an hour before going out for a walk. Sit down because just eat, stomach is a lot of congestion, to have a little rest, let the stomach have a buffer, let the blood flow back slowly scattered; Walking is beneficial to the circulation of Qi and blood and digestion.

after a meal for a period of time should not exercise, easy to cause gastroptosis, can only be activities, that is, walking. After a meal to exercise, at least two hours later, and is a small amount of food in the case; Professional athletes are required to eat dinner four hours before the competition. They are not allowed to eat dinner within four hours before the competition. They can only eat a small amount of juice.

it is not good to stand immediately after a meal. Because the stomach bulges after meals, the abdominal muscles are tight when standing, and the space is small, which oppresses the stomach and affects the blood circulation. When sitting, the abdomen is the most relaxed, the space is also the largest, and the blood circulation is sufficient, which is conducive to the gradual digestion and absorption of food.

this is the general practice after dinner, sit down and rest for half an hour after dinner, and then go out for a walk for about an hour, which is the most beneficial to the body.

because exercise after eating often leads to gastroptosis and other diseases, so the most healthy regimen is to sit for a while after eating, so that the stomach has a buffer time. If you are worried about fat accumulation, you can sit for half an hour after eating, and then do some relatively slow movements, such as walking.

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