Window glass replacement methods window glass cleaning tips

Window glass replacement method window glass cleaning tips

window glass replacement method

there is a strip on one side of the glass (usually on the inside), take out the strip, you can take off the glass. Where can I change the glass in the middle separately? Just drill the pull pin to change it. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can go to a glass shop and usually change it.

window glass cleaning tips

1, first prepare to use tools and materials, a basin of water, a dry cloth, a wet cloth, detergent, a toilet paper;

2. First put the cloth in the water to wet it, and then start to clean the windows. We need to clean the inside of the window first, and then the outside of the window;

3. After wiping with a wet step, replace it with a dry cloth. Finally, wipe it with toilet paper. In this way, the windows are the cleanest and must be clean and transparent.

4. Such a piece of glass is wiped out, but we can see from a distance whether it is wiped clean. Try to see it in the sunlight, so that we can see it more thoroughly. Usually we will find that the corner of the window is not very clean, so we have to scrub the corner of the window again.

5. After the window corners are cleaned, all the windows are cleaned. At this time, what we need to clean is the window screen. Although we usually can’t see the dirt on the window screen, if we use a clean cloth to clean it, we can still see very dirty things left on the cloth. So we have to clean the window screen. It’s better to use a wet step first, Finally, dry the cloth and wipe it again to make sure the window screen is clean.

6. Then we need to clean the window slot, which is the dirtiest. We can take a pen and put a little towel on the tip of the pen to clean the slot. We must pay attention to every corner of the slot, so that we can clean it more for a period of time.

7. The last thing we need to clean is the windowsill, because when we clean the glass and the window screen, there will be a lot of garbage left on the windowsill when we clean the window slot. The last thing we need to do is to clean the windowsill. After cleaning our windows, we can finish it.

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