Winter bath cold prevention tips

winter bath cold prevention tips

1, feet can make the body temperature rapidly increase to the whole body heat, forehead sweating, can enhance the body temperature, every time before taking a bath, first burn a basin of hot water bubble feet, until feel some body heat, and then take off clothes to take a bath, at this time is not afraid of cold. If it’s a shower, you can put a foot basin under your feet when taking a bath, add some warm water in the basin, and then stand in the basin, soak your feet while taking a bath. When your feet are hot, you won’t be afraid of cold! But the bottom of the basin must be close to the ground, or stand up, the bottom of the basin will be empty.

2. The easiest way to take a bath is to soak in a large bathtub. If the hot water is flowing, it’s like soaking in a hot spring. However, not every family will have this bathtub, so it may not be realistic to realize it.

3. Moving your body slightly before taking a bath can also make your body warm. When you enter the bathroom and start to take a bath, move your joints, relax your body and mind, inhale deeply, do aerobic exercise, and promote blood circulation.

4. Add a shower curtain in the bathroom to reduce the space when taking a shower. It can also prevent the heat emission and maintain the temperature. Use the shower curtain to keep the space small, which can prevent the hot gas from spreading out. In this way, the hot gas from the hot water will accumulate here, and it will be very warm.

5. Yuba is a kind of heating lamp. We can install it in the bathroom and turn it on when we take a bath. Although the water may not be very hot, if we use this kind of lamp, we can supplement it with a certain temperature and won’t feel very cold.

6. Put a temporary heating device in the bathroom. When the room temperature rises, close the door. When you enter, you can keep close to the heating device when you shower.

7. Take a sip of hot tea before taking a bath. I feel hot all over the body. I’m not afraid of cold when taking a bath.

8. Turn on the hottest hot water for a while. There will be a lot of steam in the air. At this time, the steam is very hot and comfortable. You can enter the bathroom when the steam is full.

9. The electric water heater used in the family can generally set the temperature, and the temperature can be set to about 70 ℃ in winter, so as to ensure that there is sufficient hot water when bathing.

10. When the bathing equipment is not in use, it is very cold in the air, and it is also cold when smeared on the body. Soak it in hot water, or wet it, and then smear it.

11. If the sealing of the bathroom with windows is not good, there will be the problem of air leakage, reducing the indoor temperature. The windows can be sealed with tape in advance. When taking a bath, close the door tightly to prevent the steam from spreading out. But if you use a gas water heater, don’t do it.

12. After taking a bath, don’t turn off the water. Let the water rush to your back. At this time, dry your hair and other parts first. Finally, turn off the hot water and dry your back. After putting on your clothes, it won’t be cold.

13. Before taking a bath, turn on the Yuba, or spray hot water on the bathroom wall with a shower for two or three minutes to make the bathroom full of steam. In this way, the temperature of the bathroom will also rise. Lower the height of the shower head so that the warm water mixed from the water heater can be sprayed on the body in the shortest time to reduce heat loss.

14. When taking a shower, you may as well use a shower for massage. The water column of the shower stays for about 30 seconds in the most easily frozen parts of the human body, such as the back, neck and feet, for massage. It can speed up the blood circulation of the body, and the blood gas runs well. The body will naturally warm up.

15. Change your habit. If you often wash your face or apply moisturizer in the bathroom in summer, you’d better change the procedure. If you don’t need to put on your clothes first, or you can wipe yourself at night and take a shower the next morning, because it’s warmer in the morning than in the sun, so the chance of taking a shower is reduced.

16. After washing with cotton towel or bathrobe, it’s better to use cotton towel to dry the body as soon as possible. Of course, the bigger the towel, the better. Or first wear a bathrobe, let the body add a layer of warm net, and then put on clothes, towel or bathrobe texture is best to cotton, because moisture absorption and warmth are higher.

precautions for bathing in winter:

1, it’s not easy to take a bath too often

, the amount of sweat is reduced in winter, and the air is very dry, so there won’t be a lot of skin dirt falling off automatically. If you bathe too often, you will wash away the oil secreted by the skin surface and the protective bacteria that normally parasitize on the skin surface, which is easy to damage the cuticle of the skin and cause skin pruritus; At the same time, the skin’s resistance will also be weakened, water is easier to evaporate, the skin will be dry.

suggestions: ① the skin of the elderly is thinning and atrophic. It is recommended to wash once every 7 days. For the elderly over 70 years old, it can be extended to wash once every 10 days. ② For dry skin, it is recommended to wash once every 2-3 days.

2. It is not suitable to take a bath when you are full or on an empty stomach

after every meal, the human body should mobilize part of the blood from the whole body to the gastrointestinal tract to help digestion. Take a bath immediately after meal, because the blood flow of digestive tract is less, it will hinder the digestion and absorption of food, causing gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, the blood supply of heart and other parts is insufficient, which is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

suggestion: bath time should be about 3 hours after meals.

3, bath time should not be too long,

bath time is too long, the skin is easy to dehydrate, people are easy to fatigue, but also easy to cause heart ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in coronary artery spasm, thrombosis, and even induce serious arrhythmia and sudden death. In addition, the bath time is too long, the head blood supply is reduced, easy to cause cerebral ischemia and accidents.

suggestion: bath for 20 minutes, shower for 3-5 minutes.

4. It is not suitable to use bath liquid and soap with high alkali content

. Our skin is slightly acidic. Bath liquid and soap with high alkali content will damage the acid-base balance of skin, leading to dry and tight skin.

suggestion: choose neutral bath milk and soap.

5, bath water temperature should not be too high,

too high water temperature is easy to damage the skin surface oil, leading to telangiectasia, aggravating the degree of dry skin. At the same time, it will also increase the burden on the heart, because the skin blood vessels of the whole body are obviously expanded, so that a large amount of blood flows to the skin of the whole body, which will make the heart ischemia and hypoxia. Especially for the elderly with coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high water temperature can increase blood pressure and heart rate, increase the burden of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cause shock.

suggestion: the water temperature should be from 24 ℃ to 29 ℃.

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