Winter health God: these foods improve immunity

Winter health protection God: these foods improve immunity

winter health protection God: these foods improve immunity

1, garlic

contain a variety of antioxidants, selenium, can fight invaders.

2, Liuding and orange

vitamin C contained in citrus fruits is the first recommendation, because it can increase the production of anti infection white blood cells and antibodies in the body, and also increase interferon to prevent the virus from invading the human body. Most foods rich in vitamin C also contain bioflavonoids, which are important anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory chemicals. Together with C, they can help enhance immunity.

3 and almond

contain zinc, which promotes the production of white blood cells in the body to fight infection. Safe zinc can be obtained from food, 15-25g a day is enough, eating too much (more than 75g) will inhibit immune function.

4, yogurt

eat a bowl every day containing & lt; Living probiotics & quot; Yogurt can stimulate the immune system to fight against diseases, and the latest discovery shows that vitamin D in yogurt and Rizhao is second only to vaccination in reducing colds or influenza.

5, fish oil

, fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can promote the activity of phagocytes and leukocytes and eat bacteria. Just add 1-3 tbsp fish oil to the fruit or yogurt.

6, whole grains

, vitamin E in seeds and grains can improve immunity. Such as brown rice, black glutinous rice, millet, wheat, buckwheat, Euryale ferox, oat, lotus seed, cereal, red job’s tears, etc.

7, carrot

carotenoids can increase natural killer cells and stimulate the production of macrophages (an immune cell).

8, green cauliflower

are excellent immunity enhancing foods, full of vitamin A, C and glutathione antioxidants.

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