With these tips, you don’t have to worry about moldy walls any more.

what do you fear most when you live in a house? Many people may have their own different views, but there is one thing that everyone is afraid of, that is, moldy walls.

there are so many months in a year, the rain is more, the temperature is higher, so the wall is more prone to mildew. In particular, some of their own home built houses, because the construction specifications are not so high, so moldy walls often occur. At the same time, this phenomenon also occurs in some residential areas, because developers cut corners when building houses, and even some procedures are omitted, so the quality is not up to standard, mildew is inevitable.

it’s really sad to see moldy wall in summer. It’s not only cautious and smelly, but also infectious and bad for health. Therefore, how to remove it is a matter of special concern to many people. However, the effect is often not ideal, which bothers many people. What should we do?

today, I’ll give you a few small methods. They have been tried in person, and the effect is good. But before that, we need to find out why it gets moldy, so that when we buy a house, we won’t be trapped:

1, the pipeline is damaged,

, the wall gets moldy due to the rupture and leakage of the water pipe, which needs to be repaired by professional personnel, It’s troublesome.

2, the wall sealing difference

, such as the leakage between the walls, or the cracks in the windowsill and other places, will cause the external water vapor to leak in, and eventually cause the wall mildew.

3, the wall insulation is too poor,

because the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, and the insulation effect is not good, so it is easy to produce water vapor condensation on the wall, eventually leading to mildew.

so what should we do when mildew occurs?

1, remove mold

, this is the first step we have to do, is to remove the mold on the wall. Remember, never use water! Use a toothbrush to clean the mildew, and then use a cotton cloth dipped in alcohol to clean it. In this way, the mold on the wall can be removed. In addition, alcohol can also play the role of sterilization, and it will not cause the second mildew.

2. Clean the wall

. After sterilization with alcohol, mix water and bleaching powder to thoroughly clean the wall to keep the original white and bright color. Finally, wipe off the water vapor with a rag. When the walls are completely dry, just brush them with mildew proof paint.

the last suggestion is that when you buy a house, you must pay attention to the structure and quality of the house. You can’t be cheated in this respect. At the same time, when you find moldy wall, you must check whether it is a wall structure problem. If it is, you must ask the decoration team to repair it, so as to achieve the effect of fundamental removal.

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