Wolfberry with these ingredients can double the effect!

Wolfberry with these ingredients can double the effect!

Chinese wolfberry with these ingredients can double the efficacy!

Lycium barbarum is a valuable medicinal material and tonic. In our daily life, the most common health food we eat is probably Lycium barbarum except red jujube. The efficacy of the ingenious combination of Lycium barbarum is doubled.

1, wolfberry with longan

materials: wolfberry, longan meat 20g each, raisin 50g, honey 20g, pineapple 200g.

method: wash wolfberry, longan, raisin and pineapple with water; Add honey and water into a small bowl and steam for 20 minutes.

efficacy: take it regularly to prolong life, enrich healthy qi, replenish qi and nourish blood.

2, Chinese wolfberry with red dates

materials: 10 grams of jujube, 8 grams of Chinese wolfberry

method: put the jujube into the pot, stir fry for about 10 minutes with medium heat, until the color of the jujube skin gradually darkens, pour it out and put it in the dish, cool it thoroughly, and then wait for use, there are many available sealed containers to be packed first and then standby; Put the cool jujube and washed wolfberry into the teapot; Add appropriate amount of rock sugar, and then add hot water. The amount of rock sugar can be put according to your taste; Cover the teapot, about 5 minutes after the taste can be poured out to drink.

efficacy: make complexion ruddy and replenish qi and blood. Beauty, skin white, shiny.

it’s very simple to drink Chinese wolfberry and jujube in water. For busy office workers, no matter how late they stay up, drinking Chinese wolfberry and jujube water will have a good look the next day. Women drink more Chinese wolfberry and jujube. For people who have sleep, frequent urination and deficiency of body, they can drink youth, good looks and health.

3, wolfberry with eggs

materials: 20g wolfberry, 2 eggs.

method: wash the wolfberry and put it into a bowl;

beat the eggs into a bowl and mix well with medlar; Steam and serve.

efficacy: the middle-aged and old people eat more wolfberry egg soup, which can delay the decline of eyesight and prevent dazzling.

4, wolfberry with loquat

material: wolfberry, loquat, black sesame, peach kernel 50 grams each, appropriate amount of honey.

method: dice loquat and peach kernel into a pot; Add the washed wolfberry and black sesame, and soak them in water; Boil in high heat and simmer in low heat for 20 minutes. Take the decoction once, add water and then boil for 3 times. Combine the decoction and concentrate it in low heat; Add 1 times the amount of honey, cool and bottle.

efficacy: Yifei kidney deficiency, asthma cough Runzao, for weak, weak patients.

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