Women eat these foods, beware of premature aging!

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Women eat these foods, beware of premature aging!

women eat these foods, beware of premature aging!

it’s everyone’s nature to love beauty. We all hope that we can be young, especially female friends. How can we ensure our diet? What should we pay attention to in our daily diet? Which foods will accelerate your aging unconsciously?

1, canned food

when you don’t want to cook, when you want to change the taste, you always go to the supermarket to buy some canned food. But is it really good to eat cans often? Canned food, like pickled food, is not fresh and needs to be preserved with various condiments and additives, resulting in the loss of nutrients in food. Especially canned fruit, not only no fruit nutrition, long-term consumption will accelerate aging.

2, pickled and smoked food

pickled food has unique flavor and attractive color, but in the process of making this kind of food, a lot of salt will be added to prevent corrosion. Often eat high salt food will damage the gastric mucosa, increase the burden on the kidney, and will raise blood pressure, damage all aspects of the body, accelerate aging.

3 and processed meat products

the most representative processed meat products are ham and hot dog. But not long ago, the World Health Organization has also listed processed meat products as a clear carcinogenic food. Another study says that for every 50 grams of processed meat in a day, the risk of colorectal cancer will increase by 18%. In addition, additives in processed meat can reduce cell viability and accelerate aging.

4, fried food

, fried food has charming fragrance and crisp taste. It is a high calorie food loved by all people. Many people eat fried food only focus on obesity, in fact, the more important thing is harmful to health. Food in high temperature will produce many harmful substances, these harmful substances not only cause cancer, but also cause oxidative stress reaction in the body, leading to the increase of free radicals, causing oxidative damage, accelerating the oxidative aging of body tissues and cells. In addition, fried food with high fat and calories, easy to cause overweight and obesity. Excessive fat in the body will affect the metabolism and endocrine of the body, damage the tissue and function, and accelerate the aging of the body.

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