Women’s health care needs to know: eight healthy foods are preferred for women’s health care

women need health care all over their body, from hair to feet. The scope of health care is not big or small, but one thing is certain that women’s health care should not be careless. The health care products on the market are dazzling. How to choose? Why not focus on natural food? Every kind of food has its efficacy. The following eight foods are preferred for women’s health care:

1, bird’s nest

modern medicine has found that bird’s nest is rich in protein, with the content of up to 50g per 100g, a variety of amino acids, sugars, inorganic salts and vitamins. It contains a large number of bioactive protein molecules, which are important for cell tissue regeneration, Enhance the body’s immune function, increase the body’s resistance to X-ray or other radiation, and have obvious defense effect. In addition, it also has the effects of delaying human aging, beautifying and prolonging life.

2, garlic

modern medical research has proved that allicin has strong antibacterial effect and is effective against a variety of pathogenic microorganisms such as Trichomonas vaginalis and amoeba. Eating a raw garlic every day can play a good role in the prevention and treatment of vaginitis. Often eating garlic can not only fight cancer and prevent thrombosis, but also maintain the dark luster of hair. If you massage the scalp with garlic juice, you can not only reduce hair loss, but also turn white hair black.

3, durian

durian is hot. It can promote blood circulation, disperse cold and relieve dysmenorrhea. It is especially suitable for women suffering from dysmenorrhea: it can also improve the symptoms of cold abdomen and promote the rise of body temperature. It is an ideal tonic for people with cold constitution. In addition, boiling soup with durian shell and pig bone is also a folk traditional diet secret recipe. Durian’s best partner is called & ldquo; Fruit Queen & rdquo; Mangosteen, it can subdue & ldquo; King of fruit & rdquo; To protect the body from damage.

4, tomatoes

tomatoes contain vitamin C, which can prevent colds, and a large amount of lycopene is a natural pigment that makes tomatoes red, which has the effects of antioxidant damage and softening blood vessels.

5, dairy products

milk can help us supplement different kinds of nutrients consumed daily, such as minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. As a complete and comprehensive food, it is suggested that every Chinese should often drink a certain amount of milk to avoid the nutritional deficit of our body.

6 and fungi

include various ears and mushrooms, such as agaric, tremella, mushroom and Dictyophora. Fungi have the magical edible effect of high protein, multi dietary fiber, amino acids, vitamins, multi minerals, no cholesterol, low fat and low sugar. The iron in Auricularia auricula plays a good supplementary role for vegetarians. The black hair effect is also excellent. It can also brighten the skin color and prevent acne. In addition, fungi have considerable functions of enhancing immunity, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti radiation, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases, protecting liver and stomach. The answer to why vegetarian monks can keep their bodies strong is & ldquo; Vegetarian meal & rdquo; Vegetarian meals without fungi cannot be called vegetarian meals. Fungi and tofu can best protect the physical function of vegetarians.

7, vinegar and

vinegar are not only edible condiments, but also nutritional and health care effects of appetizing, increasing food and disinfection. Enzymes in vinegar can inhibit and reduce the formation of free radicals of peroxides in the process of human aging, and play an anti-aging effect. When stewing meat, bone and skin, it is best to add a little more vinegar, which can promote the full decomposition of a large amount of protein and make high-quality protein more fully absorbed by the human body.

8, grapes

grapes are rich in nutrition, fresh and delicious, sour and sweet, and the old and young like to eat. Grapes contain essential vitamins, minerals and a small amount of protein and fat. It is flat in nature, sweet and sour in taste and non-toxic. Traditional Chinese medicine has regarded it as a good blood tonic for generations.

choose natural health care products suitable for you according to your own needs. Natural non-toxic, health care is very reassuring. Even if there is no problem with your body, you can add insurance to your body by eating the above eight foods. With or without insurance, your life will be more comfortable.

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