Would you like to drink boiled water in the morning?

many of us may have a habit of drinking boiled water in the morning, which is a very good habit. Drinking boiled water in the morning will have a great impact on our daily life, Can greatly improve our own intestinal digestion ability, can also effectively help us get rid of unnecessary diseases, I believe we all want to further understand the morning to get up to drink boiled water and its benefits, let’s understand it together.


drinking cold boiled water in the morning is harmful to health

it is better to drink honey water in the morning. Most people suggest drinking a cup of cold boiled water in the morning. They think it can regulate the endocrine, moisten the intestines, defecate, detoxify and nourish the face. But in fact, it will make you sick.

the Yang Qi of human body is the Qi of life. After the injury of Yang Qi, all kinds of diseases can occur in all systems, viscera, meridians and limbs of human body.

drinking cold water in the morning will hurt the lower Jiao Yang Qi. Therefore, most people who have this habit for a long time gradually suffer from deficiency cold, dysmenorrhea and even amenorrhea in women, stomach disease, joint pain and decreased sexual function in men. Therefore, it is recommended to get up in the morning and drink a cup of warm honey water instead of cold water. If not, drink warm water.

drinking water before going to bed varies from person to person

if you have dry mouth before going to bed, you can drink water, if you don’t have dry mouth, you don’t need to drink, because some people have the habit of getting up at night after drinking water, which affects sleep and is not good for their health.

different health care experts have different opinions. Some people say they should drink water before going to bed. Some people say it’s not good to drink water before going to bed. We don’t know who to listen to. In fact, they have not done scientific research or clinical investigation, just their own recommendations. I infer that the key to this problem is to talk about possible changes.

is it good to get up in the morning and drink boiled water? We must pay special attention to the benefits. We must also develop the good habit of getting up in the morning and drinking boiled water, which is very helpful to our own body. We must not ignore this. Drinking more water can also effectively help us prevent colds, which is beneficial to our body.

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