You can’t eat fresh food!

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You can’t eat fresh food!

these foods can’t be fresh!

for most foods, the fresher the food, the higher its nutritional value. The long-term storage of food will affect its taste, color, fragrance and other sensory properties, and even lead to food poisoning if the food is eaten by mistake. However, for some foods, & lt; Fresh & quot; It doesn’t mean safe. For example, the following five kinds can’t be eaten fresh.

fresh tea

I believe many people who have drunk new tea have felt drunk. The so-called new tea is less than a month after picking, such as the spring tea of the season. Like this, newly picked spring tea contains phytochemicals such as tannins and alkaloids with strong activity. If you drink a large amount of them, it can make people’s nervous system over excited, accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, speed up the heart rate, and make people feel flustered. This is the feeling of drunk tea.

fresh milk

now there are also some farmers who will take their cows on the street and sell them now, which is welcomed by many people. However, this seemingly natural practice often has this certain risk, because you can’t know the health of this cow. When the milk is squeezed out, it often carries some bacteria such as Brucella and tuberculosis, which is easy to cause zoonotic infection. Therefore, it is suggested that you go to the supermarket to buy milk produced by regular manufacturers, which is safer.

fresh pickles

many friends like to have an appetizer at breakfast, which is usually pickled. Of course, many families will pickle their own fresh vegetables. Here we need to remind you that fresh vegetables contain a certain amount of nitrate, in the process of pickling, it will be reduced to nitrite, and nitrite has a certain carcinogenicity.

generally speaking, in the process of pickling, nitrite will reach the peak value between the 3rd day and the 14th day. Fortunately, nitrite will decompose slowly. Therefore, it is best to take pickles out for consumption after 20 days of pickling.

tender pig liver

pig liver is rich in nutrition and delicious. It is a delicious food for many people. However, when cooking pig liver, it is often in pursuit of & lt; Fresh and tender & quot; Feeling, will quickly stir fry pig liver on the table to eat. The hidden danger of doing so is very big, because the liver is an important detoxification organ. All kinds of toxic substances are detoxified through the liver. In addition, there may be some pathogenic bacteria or parasitic eggs in the pig liver. If it is not fully heated and cooked, it may damage human health.

fresh day lily

fresh day lily contains a substance called colchicine, which will have adverse effects on human body after entering human body, causing toxic reaction. However, colchicine is soluble in water, so when you eat fresh day lily, you must first soak it in water or blanch it in water, and then you can enjoy the delicious food.

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