You can’t know how to use it at the key time!

fine sand in the eye. if there is sand in your eyes, don’t rub it with your hands. Blink a few more times to let the tears wash away the sand. You can also ask someone to open the upper eyelids and gently wipe the sand with a cotton ball or a clean soft cloth or handkerchief.

You can’t know how to use it at the key time!

fishbone throat. in case of fishbone or chicken bone sticking throat, do not swallow hard or dig by hand. If the fishbone has just been stabbed and part of it is outside, you can ask someone to pull it out steadily and quickly with tweezers. If the card is too deep, you should go to the hospital immediately for treatment. Fracture occurred in

. in case of fracture, do not fiddle with it or connect it at will. In case of clavicle fracture, wrap the arm with bandage first, do not move; For pelvic and thoracolumbar fractures, the patient should be gently lifted and placed on a rigid stretcher to minimize vibration during transfer; For long bone fracture of extremities, local materials can be used, such as rubber shoes, cloth shoes, thicker branches or other things that can be used for temporary fixation, and then sent to the hospital for treatment.

convulsions. in case of spasmodic convulsion, the head should be turned to one side, the secretion of mouth and nose should be removed, and a soft cloth wrapped with chopsticks or wood chips should be inserted between the upper and lower teeth to avoid biting the tongue. If it is spasmodic convulsions caused by high fever, cold towel should be used to wet the head, and then sent to the hospital.

in a coma. in case of coma, don’t panic. Remove the secretions or foreign bodies in the nasopharynx of the comatose person, keep the respiratory tract unblocked, and take the lateral position to prevent the sputum from being inhaled into the lung and causing pneumonia. Put the head flat and send to the hospital for treatment.

gas poisoning. in case of gas poisoning, please move the poisoned person away from the scene immediately, go to the ventilation place, untie the clothes button, and send to the hospital for rescue.

heart attack. if someone has a sudden heart attack, the patient should be in a sitting or half lying position before the ambulance arrives, and the tight clothes should be untied. Do not move the patient or give him stimulant drinks.

bleeding. in case of continuous bleeding in traffic or other accidents, you can use your hand or paper towel, shirt or gauze to directly press on the bleeding place and block the artery to stop the bleeding. If there are foreign bodies in the wound, such as glass, you can use your hand to press the place near the bleeding place.

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