You don’t know the benefits of drinking boiled water?

You don’t know the benefits of drinking boiled water?

drinking boiled water has these advantages, don’t you know?

drinking boiled water for one month benefits the whole body. Generally speaking, 50% of the water in the human body comes from drinking water, 40% from the water contained in food, and 10% of the water will be produced by metabolism in the body. Because drinking water is the largest source of water in human body, regulating drinking water intake can significantly improve physical and mental status.

looks younger.

an article describes the real experience of a 42 year old mother. She solved her long-standing headache and indigestion by drinking boiled water for 30 days. Experts say that water can maintain cell activity. Therefore, drinking water can slow down the aging process, maintain the toughness and strength of muscles and bones, and make skin healthier, softer and body fuller. At the same age, people who like to drink water have better skin elasticity.

spiritual creativity.

if you can drink only white water for 30 days, the brain reaction will accelerate. Because the brain needs oxygen to run faster, and water is the most important factor for oxygen. The results confirmed that drinking 8-10 cups of water a day can improve cognitive ability by 30%. Experts explain that if the brain is short of water, the neurotransmission of the hippocampus will be affected, and the brain will be drowsy and slow.

disease resistance was improved. It is no exaggeration to say that water is related to the health of the whole body. Drinking enough water can effectively support the function of liver and kidney and discharge toxic substances. Experts say that since water participates in the whole body circulation and ensures that the body is not short of water, the disease resistance ability of the body is improved on the whole.

metabolism accelerated.

studies have shown that no matter what your diet is, drinking boiled water every day can effectively improve your metabolism. Just wake up in the morning, drink about 500 ml of water, the metabolic rate will increase by 24%. If you only drink white water for 30 days, your body will be able to expel as many harmful toxins and wastes from important organs as possible, and help reduce abdominal fat.

cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. A six-year study found that people who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die of heart disease than people who drank less than two glasses of water a day. Experts explained that water can reach the blood in 20 seconds after it enters the human body, reducing the blood viscosity, which will relieve the symptoms of blood pressure and a series of metabolic diseases.

healthy drinking water & lt; Three Character Classic & quot;

is the most cost-effective.

at present, there are many kinds of drinks on the market, which occupy the majority of the public’s water consumption, so many people ignore drinking water. At present, boiled water is considered to be the most suitable drinking water for human body. It is clean and sterile. After boiling, the water quality and hardness are improved, and a proper amount of minerals are preserved. It is the most economical health drink.

urine color change, pay attention.

lack of water can cause some symptoms, and the deepening of urine color is a signal. Generally speaking, when the urine is light yellow or light yellow, 100 ml ~ 200 ml water should be added; When the urine is dark yellow, 500 ml of water is needed; If the urine color is too thick and the urine volume is significantly reduced, we must go to the hospital in time.

throw soft drinks and discard wine glasses.

many drinks are rich in sugar, but the proportion of death and disability caused by soft drinks is increasing every year due to excessive sugar intake; Excessive drinking is easy to hurt the body, strong coffee, strong tea stimulate nerve excitement, make people difficult to sleep.

frequent supplement, time division.

of our daily water intake of 2500 ml, we must ensure that there is 1600 ml of boiled water, and the rest of the water can be properly obtained from other foods. The correct way is to drink water frequently, two or three mouthfuls at a time. Don’t wait until you are thirsty. In addition, we should focus on three drinking periods every day: getting up early with a glass of water (about 200-300 ml); One glass of water an hour before going to bed; A glass of water before dinner.

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