You must know something about onion

You have to know something about onions

about onions

purple skin onions are hot, white skin onions are sweet.

there are two kinds of common onion: purple skin and white skin. White skin onion is tender, with high moisture and sweetness. It has golden color and rich sweetness after long time cooking. It is suitable for fresh eating, baking or stewing; Purple onion meat is reddish, spicy, suitable for frying or making lettuce salad. Purple onion is more nutritious.

fried a little, more flavor.

onion can give dishes a slightly sweet rich taste and beautiful caramel color. To achieve this effect, slow heating is an important secret. The specific method is: pour a little oil into the pot, put in the chopped onion, and heat it with low heat to make the onion slowly and fully release the sugar. Stir fry occasionally to avoid sticking to the pot. Cover the pot to keep the temperature and humidity.

should be stored in the dark.

when you buy onions, you should buy the ones that are heavy in your hand, dry and firm in skin, have no scratch, and can’t smell (because onions emit smell when they are scratched or scratched). Keep the onions in a cool, dry, dark and well ventilated place. Never put onions in plastic bags& mdash;& mdash; In this way, the onion will rot quickly.

the meat is thick in spring and summer, and spicy in autumn and winter.

in spring and summer, we can buy fresh onions. The skin of the outermost layer of the onion is thinner, and the meat is thicker, with more moisture and less spicy. While in colder days, onions are mostly stored. They are more pungent, have thicker skin and less moisture.

how to cut onion is not choking.

when the onion is opened, the sulfide in it will react and make people cry. Here’s a simple way to teach you: put the onions in the fridge for 10 & mdash; Cut in 15 minutes. In addition, the sharper the knife, the better the chance of choking the onion. In addition, the final root should be cut, because the root has the highest sulfide content.

onions and these relatives.

scallion, many chefs only use the white and light green parts of scallion, its spicy taste is lighter than onion, and the taste is softer after cooking. Chives, put a little when spreading egg cakes and making soup, can bring out a little onion flavor and fresh fragrance. Garlic has lower water content and higher sugar content than onion. They are similar to onion in flavor and health value.

raw onion brings cool feeling.

raw onion has a strong taste, but it is the substances with strong taste that have excellent health functions such as anti-cancer. If you want to get more health from onions, raw or salad is the best way. When eating beef, mutton and other heavy and greasy food, with raw onion, it can play a role in relieving greasiness and bring out a fresh peppermint feeling.

when to use onion powder.

in addition to pepper and ginger, onion powder also appears on supermarket shelves. However, the use of this onion powder is limited & mdash& mdash;& mdash; It doesn’t have the strong flavor and sweetness of fresh onions. But it can be used when you don’t want to eat onion, such as frying paste, dipping seasoning, dry pancake, etc.

salad; Onion halitosis;.

the sulfide in onion is a healthy ingredient, but it also has an annoying side& mdash;& mdash; It will make your mouth smell like onion all the time; Bad breath;. Brushing your teeth may not be effective at this time. Try a salad. Because the enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables can neutralize sulfide and remove halitosis.

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