You must know the summer indoor cooling tips

You must know the summer indoor cooling tips

you must know the summer indoor cooling tips 6667

cold wind blowing more comfortable

air conditioning is the best choice for summer cooling, but do you use the right air conditioning? In the up and down air supply mode, it is better to turn the fan blade upward and let the cold air blow upward, so that the indoor air can be recycled and the overall environment will become cooler. The temperature of the air conditioner should be 6 ℃ ~ 7 ℃ different from the outdoor, generally between 24 ℃ and 26 ℃.

eyes to eat ice cream

light color home accessories such as curtains, bed sheets, sofa cover, etc. in the visual can play a role in reducing the temperature, white, blue, green and other elegant colors and simple patterns can make the home environment as a whole have a clean and cool feeling, just like eating ice cream for the eyes.

humidifier is a good partner,

use humidifier to increase indoor humidity, can also play a role in cooling. If the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, the indoor air will become dry, and people are prone to dry and itchy throat and bad nose. In addition to humidifying and cooling, the humidifier can also remove the phenomenon of static electricity accumulation. Adding a little white vinegar or isatis root to the water tank of the humidifier can sterilize and prevent influenza.

choose the right time ventilation

appropriate ventilation can also reduce the indoor temperature, reduce the house’s stuffy heat. In the morning and evening, the temperature is lower than that in the daytime. It’s the most appropriate time to open the window for ventilation. In the daytime, when the sun is strong, it will be hotter to open the window. When you close the window, remember to close the heat insulation curtain.

stupid method is also useful

in the corner or fan placed in front of a basin of water is the simplest, the most primitive method, but only water effect is not ideal, how to do? Fill water with ice grid, ice bag or mineral water bottle, put it in the refrigerator to form ice and put it into the basin. The ice absorbs the heat in the room and also can make the indoor temperature drop a little.

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