You need to chew more when eating soup and rice

You need to chew more when you eat soup and rice. There is a saying in old Nanjing: & lt; You can’t chew rice in soup;. It means that soaking rice in soup is not good for digestion and absorption. Does that make sense?

soup paofan looks like porridge, but there are essential differences between the two. Porridge after boiling, rice completely disintegrated, and water fully compatible and integrated, so do not need to chew it very well.

and the rice in paofan does not completely disintegrate, and the rice in paofan will not reach the state of porridge when it is soaked in the soup. It needs to be chewed before it can become chyme in the stomach. But many people eat paofan without chewing it.

so eat & lt; Rice in soup & quot; When you’re feeling & lt; You can’t chew;. People with strong stomach function are OK. For people with weak stomach, making rice with soup is a big burden. Food is not fully chewed, saliva secretion is less, mixed with food mixing uneven, amylase will also be diluted by soup. In addition, the taste nerve is not stimulated, and the secretion of gastrointestinal reflex digestive juice is also reduced. Therefore, the digestion of food will be affected and nutrients will not be fully absorbed.

it is suggested to chew more and chew the rice thoroughly when eating the soup pickled rice. This can not only reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach, protect the intestines and stomach, but also help to fully absorb the nutrients in the soup pickled rice.

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