Young couples eat more of these foods on their honeymoon

. Young couples eat more of these foods on their honeymoon

1. Rooster is a common food, but only Rooster can better promote and stimulate men’s sexual function. Therefore, during the wedding period, do not use old hens to cook soup, but eat more mature rooster.

2. Shrimp is a high protein food and a complete individual. Its hormone level is balanced in the body, which is conducive to supplement the needs of the human body. Therefore, eating more shrimp helps to improve sexual desire, maintain good sexual function, and promote the regeneration of men’s semen.

3, Chinese chives are natural; Viagra & quot;, The ancient name & quot; The Chinese herb;, Men eat leeks, can help from the Yang, strong muscle flaccidity; Women eat leeks, can be happy Yuezhi, spring rippling.

4 and oyster are rich in zinc, which is an indispensable nutrient for human body, especially for newlyweds; Women’s lack of sexual desire, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc.

5, egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, and cholesterol is the raw material for the synthesis of sex hormones. Egg yolk also contains a lot of calcium, calcium can stimulate sperm maturation, improve men’s sexual function. Therefore, we should eat more egg yolk during the wedding.

6 and kelp are rich in iodine. Iodine is an essential raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine, which can not only maintain the normal function of thyroid, but also improve the & lt; Sex & quot; To enhance sexual desire, therefore, during the wedding should eat more.

what taboos should young couples pay attention to in their sexual life? 6667

1, forbid having sex when they are in a bad mood: when they are angry, angry, surprised, sad and so on, the most taboo is intercourse between men and women. People who have sex when they are angry will get gangrene. Children’s epilepsy is related to their mother’s fear when they are pregnant.

2. Forbid sexual life when you are tired: sexual life itself consumes a lot of human body, plus fatigue, over time, it will make people appear virtual damage, even infertility. When the body feels tired and listless, it’s better to have sex.

3. It is forbidden to have sex when drinking too much: when people enter the room after drinking, it is often difficult to control themselves in the process of sexual intercourse, and they will exhaust their essence and then quickly, resulting in excessive desire and excessive dissipation of kidney essence, thus causing premature aging.

4. No sex when the climate is abnormal: abnormal climate will go beyond people’s regulating function, break the balance of yin and Yang of the human body, and easily lead to the disorder of Qi and blood and the entry of evil Qi. Clinical observation shows that some congenital diseases in children are related to adverse climatic factors during pregnancy.

5, sexual life should not be too frequent: excessive sexual life is mainly manifested as emaciation, mental fatigue, malaise, heavy head and light feet, weakness, shortness of breath, sweating, insomnia, dreaminess, not thinking about diet. When there are & lt; Signal & quot; When it appears, it tells you that sex has made you & lt; Overload & quot; It has to be adjusted immediately.

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